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Composition Reel

Theatrical Trailers

Mission Impossible Fallout

(2018 Clio Award Winner for best MUSIC)

This was fun! How to take a great song by a well-known pop band ("Friction" by Imagine Dragons) and mash it to the iconic MI Theme by Lalo Schifrin.
In this trailer we orchestrated an adaptation of the MI theme to segue the song.


Clio: Music Award for USE OF MUSIC

Jennifer Lawrence, David O. Russell, Rolling Stones.....what's missing? oh yeah, some bells and an orchestra!

Based on the director's request we composed layers of church bells and strings to work with "You Can't Always Get What you want by The Rolling Stones.

Fifty Shades Freed

"Don't Miss the Climax"
The 50 Shades romance continues.
In this teaser we composed an original score to underline the romance of the story, that leads into tension and drama.

Theatrical Trailers (continued)

Blair Witch (2) Teaser

FEATURED IN ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY'S TOP 20 SOMBER TRAILER SONGS LIST: In this teaser we created a custom cover of "Every Breath You Take" and custom sound design.

Burnt Teaser

In this teaser we created a custom score using rhythmic elements from the film, in the kitchen with knives, pots and pans, plates, fire, etc gradually building to tension and drama.

The Gambler Trailer

This piece I enhanced an amazing song by The Rolling Stones, created an intro that fit the style, and added layers to make the song build to an end.

Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers Trailer

Ok, yes, this is from a long time ago, but I couldn't help it. It is still standing the test of time. We "covered" Requiem for a Dream theme, and turned into an epic chapter in trailer music history. (too much?) 

Videogame Trailers

See For Yourself

Destiny E3 Trailer

Destiny: in this project we were given the task to quote the themes from the game, and re-invent them to fit the intense emotional dynamic of a trailer.

Destiny: The Taken King

This trailer reveals the exciting new story,  utilizing musical themes from the game, we created a custom trailer cue to emphasize the dark ominous tone of this new story.

Mad Max: Ethos E3 Teaser

The score needed to be simple, evocative, and effective. The tonal atmosphere made with distorted feed back guitars created a palpable tension.
This teaser won "Best Trailer of E3 2013" lists, a Silver 2013 Key Art award for Best Teaser, and the Bronze 2014 MI6 Game Marketing Award for Best Product Reveal.

Original composition creating contemporary action elements against epic orchestral themes.

Logos and Branding


Creating a mnemonic or audio signature for a giant like AMAZON was not an easy task. The evolution of the sound had to go from intimate, small and organic, to a final crescendo that takes the audience through a city and into the marquee of a theater. Using anything from lego pieces, to a live orchestra tuning, no wild ideas was left behind.


The audio signature of a production company like GK FILMS has to sound important and grand. From the initial "granite" sound design, to the thematic mnemonic.


The mnemonic for an audio technology company that delivers 3D sound as an immersive entertainment experience had to make you feel like sound is coming from all directions. This is what we did.

Pepsi Studios Logo

Pepsi wanted something FRESH, simple and effective.

TV Shows / Promos

Lore (Amazon)

This series by Amazon has a unique memorable theme, which our task was to use and adapt to create an intense experience using organic sound design and thematic elements to connect with the fans.

Tumble Leaf (Character Song) AMAZON

With 26 different unique adorable characters, we had to make a song be memorable and catchy.
We wrote and produced this original song to illustrate the characters in a fun "sing along" style trailer. The trick was to have a short catchy chorus to be repeated every other verse.

Voyeur (Netflix)

Creepy unnerving "love" song to open for a strange story of a Voyeur. 
We wrote lyrics and melody over an instrumental as an intro song for this intriguing documentary.

NFL Network (Thursday Night Football)

Once we identified the right song we needed to take it to the next level by adding orchestral layers and additional drums. 


Chevy (Auto Show)

Managing to capture the attention of an audience at an auto show is no small task.
With this original composition, and stunning visuals we were able to connect with the viewers in a artistic way.

GM (Design)

We were tasked with the mission to create a soundtrack for the headquarter of General Motors in Detroit - This portion was intended to highlight the aspect of DESIGN/ART.
I composed hundreds of hours of music to be never the same since the material plays every day from 8am to 8pm at the Renaissance Center.

GM Reel

Here is a montage/Reel showing the size of the project.

GM Rube Goldberg

This piece is another mesmerizing experience of a Rube Goldberg, part of the hourly take over at General Motors' headquarters.

Documentaries and Films

Babymoon (scene excerpt)

Indie movie by Bailey Kobe. In this scene, the main character realizes that she is having doubts about her marriage.

Kali (restaurant docu)

Following Chef Kevin Meehan of Kali restaurant. "Hard work tastes good".
Original score to underline the elegance of fine dining.
Directed by Jon Berkowitz.

The Caterpillar's Kimono

Closing scene, into credits
Strangely I started the composition process from the end. I wrote this piece first (which is the last one on the movie) and the de-composed the rest.
Directed by Bailey Kobe.

LIFE LOVE DOGS - Documentary


Middle school students, teachers, and families from the modest town of Presa de Maravillas, Zacatecas show us that an alternative education system is possible, when teaching and learning are interest-driven

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