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Suntory Time | Suntory Whisky 100th Anniversary Tribute by Sofia Coppola
The House of Suntory

Suntory Time | Suntory Whisky 100th Anniversary Tribute by Sofia Coppola

Celebrate the centennial of the founding house of Japanese Whisky with Sofia Coppola’s tribute to Suntory Whisky and #SuntoryTime. The Suntory Whisky Anniversary Tribute tells the remarkable story of the brand’s heritage and whisky-making legacy over the last 100 years, depicting the meaning of “Suntory Time” through the eyes of its creator. More than an iconic line in a brilliant film, "Suntory Time" continues to evolve and gain recognition in Japanese whisky culture. Twenty years after the release of Lost in Translation, it is still embraced and echoed across the globe in connection with our world-renowned spirits. It all started with a glass of Hibiki, but today there is a "Suntory Time" for every individual, every occasion, and every friend we meet along the way. At the House of Suntory, we've been pioneering Japanese whisky since 1923 as we perfect our craft, embracing the spirit of "Monozukuri" – a relentless pursuit of perfection, meticulous attention to detail, and commitment to quality – to push the boundaries of what Japanese whisky can be. We invite you to join us on this celebratory journey and experience your very own "Suntory Time." #Suntory100 #SuntoryTime #SuntoryWhisky #japanesewhisky ➤ Subscribe to our channel: ➤ Follow us on Instagram: ➤ Visit our website: Drink Smart | 21+ only. Do not share with those under 21.
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